Eating dinner in Istanbul is an experience to cherish, so you’re right to come here to Sultana’s Restaurant with intrigue. At Sultana’s, our local and foreign guests enjoy wonderful Turkish dinner restaurant experience whilst watching authentic Turkish shows, belly dancing and theatrical performances – all in the Sultana’s way.

We have Turkish dishes of all kinds. Check out our latest menu above. Book a table to reserve your spot in Sultana’s Restaurant in Istanbul.

Sultana’s: The Joy Of Eating Out in Istanbul

Spectacular shows deserve spectacular food. In Istanbul, going out means eating out and at Sultana’s restaurant you get Istanbul entertainment for your eyes and your taste buds. We’ve put together, from thousands of traditional Turkish dishes, a fantastic Sultana’s menu for you.

Please be aware we do not have any other branches and we are not a boat tour venue. Sultana's is a venue on land. Beware of imposters to avoid disappointment!